High Performance At-Home Skin Aesthetics

A prestigious at-home skincare brand, Deohaly

Deohaly is a professional at-home skincare brand that offers intensive treatment products
made with nature-derived ingredients and know-how from aestheticians for amazing results.

Brand Philosophy

Boost Your Energy with the Power of Ritual

Rituals for a beautiful, energetic lifestyle

We aim to restore true, inherent beauty lost in a world of overwhelming abundance. When your body and mind achieve perfect balance, this wholesome and healthy energy becomes the source of inherent beauty. With the help of modern technology, Deohaly channels this powerful energy through your fingertips to help you unleash your beauty from within.

Born to Be Beautiful

Our goal is to impart our naturalistic values and technologies, creating professional
and highly functional products that help you find peace and discover your inherent beauty.


A new paradigm of at-home skincare
for the modern age

Deohaly is a therapeutic at-home beauty brand made with innovative technology (Botaniceutical Plus-10) and skincare programs and recipes that reflect 20 years of know-how from professional aesthetician Jeong Seung-rye. Thanks to Jeong's numerous years of experience, our products offer a professional and systematic skincare regimen that addresses various skin concerns catered to individual skin type and environment. Going beyond mere skincare, we are paving the way to a new culture of at-home facial aesthetics by providing professional treatments to add to a sophisticated home ritual.



Experience Beauty
in Mindfulness

Deohaly helps you stay in tune with yourself
at the start and end of each day.

Start your ritual by closing your eyes; reflect on the precious time given to you today, and listen closely to what your heart tells you. Our technologies and developments are much more than what's tangible—we seek to help you value and improve yourself through understanding and empathy. Instead of simply dreaming of paradise, find strength and consolation from nature, your friend in need in the midst of a dying environment. Breathe life deep into your day-to-day with the excellent effects of our A.T CICA™ product line.



Deohaly produces premium cosmetic products through consistent research
and input from professional aesthetic manufacturers across the country.

Our Technology & Values

Based on our theories on skin physiology,
our products are created with the following 5 principles.

01.We protect and preserve collagen, a component of skin.

02.We protect skin from harmful free radicals.

03.We supply hydration using NMF (Natural Moisturizing Factors).

04.We maintain supple and comforted skin by forming a moisture barrier made with flavonoids from sophora flavescens root extract and scutellaria baicalensis root extract.

05.We protect the skin with active ingredients that absorb quickly into skin to maintain an optimal oil and water balance.


Our products are developed using safe and functional ingredients that benefit the skin such as
botanical extracts, natural moisturizing ingredient hyaluronic acid, niacinamide, and adenosine.